• Platamonas
  • Olympus - Dion
  • Old Leptokaryas’ Forest
  • Traditional village of Morne
  • Enipeas’ Canyon
  • Palaios Panteleimon
  • Makrigialos
  • Plaka Litochorou
The famous Castle and the beautiful beaches (from which   Platamonas took its own name) will amaze you.
The beautifully paved areas, ancient baths, the theater, the Odeon, are just some of the attractions you can visit on Dion.
The Forest of Old Leptokarya belongs to the National Park of Mount Olympus and the predefined  trekking  trails give visitors a unique touch with the nature of Ancient Greek gods home.
The traditional stone houses of the village, surrounded by forests of beech and oak will impress you. Do not miss the opportunity for hiking, travel by car through the mountain and of course trying the famous pork of the area!
The river in which the beautiful Leto, Zeus\\\' mistress, was taking her bath couldn’t be less beautiful! The most amazing path of Olympus can - except the unparalleled beauty - offer a stunning bathroom in the \\\'fonts\\\', the natural pools , if, of course, someone can withstand inside water with temperature  close to 0 ° Celsius ...!
The traditional village at a height of 440 meters above the sea,  on the eastern Olympus, takes the visitor many years back.  As nothing reminds us that we live in the 21st century. At the street corner, you may find the old fashioned “taxi driver” with the donkey and his traditional cap ... just amazing!
If anyone eats mussels and doesn’t know Makrigialos, the \\\"mussel  yard\\\", that  is the opportunity to know it and taste that exquisite delicacy at its own place of production.
Apart from the Olympic Coast, the excellent beach of Plaka Litochorou with its extremely clear water is an excellent choice for a day trip with sea  activities.
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